Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glasgow Uni

So the University of Glasgow also has a freshers week and you can get all types of free stuff. I went to an international student welcome and we had a traditional Scottish dinner. There were a couple different meat pies going on with a couple different fillings so I thought I took the haggis filled one but apparently I only had the bacon and oats one, this was figured out after I told the german architecture student that the haggis was great. Poor thing.

Glasgow University...crazy old


pretty flowers outside the flat

The hills are ridiculous here. It is like San Francisco but with the climate of Maine. I realized I did not bring enough shoes. Sorry dad, but I do not want to go clubbing in L.L. Bean rain boots. I am running low on pants too.

We went walking around after going to the GU and my roomates bought a table that we had to haul back. Good choice. There were really beautiful vintage shops and I got a great red belt for 10 pounds. Score. Then they got mad for taking pictures of the you better appreciate it.